Basic Web Management

Need your website to always be available, easily editable using WordPress, backed up for about a month just in case something was to happen, plus your data mailed to you on a physical drive upon request?

That’s what we do.

We’ll get you setup, be available to help you with email support, and help make your website work for you. Choose from tons of themes, or let us find someone to build you a custom solution.

Basic web management covers things like theme restoration, update management, and simple settings based management.

Basic WebsiteWebOfflineVault
$29.99/month24/7 Uptime1-3 Day Backups$29.99/drive

Small Business Web Management

Need your business needs covered? We make sure your online store and file-share system are secure and speedy, just like us. You get around the clock monitoring with daily backups and physical backups mailed to you upon request. We ensure your online store stays online, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your business needs.

Basic WebsiteWebOfflineVault
$269.99/month24/7 UptimeDaily Backups$69.99/drive
We monitor your data for malware and fix code bugs, providing you with alerts on security.

Puppies in the Pool

We can get you setup with an independently hosted shop that you manage, so you can relax like a puppy in a pool. (check out the video)

Custom Server Architecture

Basic WebsiteWebOfflineVault
Get a Free Quote24/7 UptimeHourly Backups$69.99/drive

Need to track hundreds of thousands of packages across multiple continents with a smartphone app? Perhaps you are building a web based operating system and want it to be entirely accessible and marketed to canine customers? You’re in the right spot – we can help you get any technical, digital, coded widget you need built. These puppies know how to do a lot of tricks and with your financial support we can get them to show off for you.

We Make Quotes

Tell us what you need help with.
We will figure out the rest and let you know how much it will cost.

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