When you put your data in our paws, you’re trusting an elite team of skilled professionals to manage your data – meet our team keeping you a step above the hackers who want to delete your data.

Meet the team

With more than 120 dog years combined experience in the industry, this trio oversees operations at the security center which houses all of our security teams. Meet the team leaders who make sure your data is never lost to some pesky cat or Lollipop the hacker.

Hackers want to delete your data.
We make sure they can’t.

Meet Lollipop

(The Alleged Hacker)

Hey Lollipop, Get Back Here With My Data

We make data recovery a thing of the past. With physical backups upon request, you will always be in control of your data and have a preserved physical copy each time you request one. Our security team makes sure your data is always secure and constantly removes malicious code Lollipop might have tried to sneak in.

Lollipop digs deep into data looking for bones to pick, inserting listening devices and other ways to make a quick bone. We make sure Lollipop can’t do any damage – but monitor attempts and learn how to better secure your data in the future. Lollipop and others are still stray, running around wrecking havoc on other peoples poor data management.

Don’t be like them, get in touch with our team today.

Give a dog a bone

Dogstoyevsky, Cyber Investigations Division
Agent Dogstoyevsky is on the case of Lollipop and other hackers.

Do your part and report suspicious web activity to the admins. This keeps you and your data secure and helps us monitor malicious code so we can stop issues before the become problems.

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