Legal Information

Your data is your own, we simply perform tasks you ask us, just like dogs. You Bark, We Listen™ is licensed to and the trade mark of our organization. Our services, while completely reliable, are provided without warranty as data management can sometimes lead to losses in data. Our goal is to make sure you never lose your data and it is retained online and available. Your website should never go down – but if it does, we’re checking to make sure it comes back up. is committed to managing data in ethical ways. Our operation, while performed by many species, is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and is 100% pet friendly.

Our data is managed offsite and onsite in various locations with numerous trusted vendors and contracted service providers. Our management of your data shall in no way have the effect of any breech of security, of which we are completely without warranty. This is extended to any third party contractors or other parties that may be claimed. Data management is serious business, so we leave that to the experts who have the experience necessary to do the task.

You Bark, We Listen™ Valentines day sale items made and sold with lifetime warranties between 2004–2011 which are still under contract are exempt from the non-warranty clause and may still be serviceable. is a provider and supplier or various services and goods, with various brands represented. Regardless of any written terms of service, your data remains yours, and is managed properly by us and parties we allow. Your data is always owned by you, and that’s important because it’s what informs you about the past. Without data we wouldn’t have screens, and dogs love screens. While we can’t tell you all our secrets, we can tell you that your data is secure with us and will never be accidentally deleted. In fact, if you do accidentally delete your data. we can get it restored.

Legal contracts are legally binding in the state of which they are represented in, and by no means are they restricting your data. When you appoint us to manage your data, you trust a combined team of dedicated individuals working for various organizations to keep you safe and your date online.

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